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Your next 
destination is...


whatever you make it. 

Consider this your domestic travel destination. Hey Lo, Let's Go was created to make travel obtainable and accessible to every budget, desire and time. There is so much to see so let's go! 

what you've heard about travel isn't true...

you've likely heard the following myths about travel but I'm here to prove you wrong

You can't afford

to travel

You may feel like you have to have a stash of extra cash to travel but that's not always the case. Hey Lo, Let's Go was created to share ways that makes travel accessible to everyone and every budget.

You don't have time

to travel

Whether it is a day trip, a weekend get away or week long excursion, there is always time to travel. The key to making the most of your time is having a plan. Hey Lo, Let's Go can help you plan your next trip.

You have to go somewhere far away

There is so much to see in your own backyard, across state lines or across the country. At Hey Lo, Let's Go you'll notice I only feature domestic travel destinations. 

No passport? No problem! 

too expensive

too time consuming

too far away

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About Me

"Hey Lo, Let's Go" is a personal travel blog run by me, also known as "Lo". I share my passions and experiences. I am a wife and mother, a dedicated traveler, and an aspiring entrepreneur. Although I hold a corporate job, my true passion lies in travel and exploration. A Southern girl at heart, I balance my love for city life, particularly New York City, with an appreciation for small-town charm. I am enthusiastic about supporting small businesses, drawing from my own experience as a business owner. I'm a planner and thrive in travel environments, which led me to create the blog as a platform to inspire others to explore the world, disconnect from routine, and reconnect with themselves or loved ones. My nickname "Lo" originated in kindergarten and resurfaced during college, eventually becoming the perfect fit for my travel-focused business. The blog aims to make travel accessible and enjoyable, offering custom travel services ranging from itineraries to fully planned excursions. Beyond travel, I also share my interests in fashion, parenting, shopping, books, music, and more.

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